I am a married woman, who is due to turn 40 in June this year.  I could just have a party and drink my way into my 40’s, but that would be so boring and I wanted to do something memorable and meaningful.  I enjoy walking, and being a bit of a fatty and unfit, I thought I would do something to improve this, and make me see a bit more of Britain.  I decided the Pennine Way would be a suitable challenge, being approximately 270 miles in length, travelling over the backbone of the pennines.

I decided that doing the bed and breakfast thing would not only be very expensive, but not really in the spirit of trecking, so will be carrying my camping equipment.  I have also made the decision to walk on my own.  Not because I don’t like my husband’s company, no – I will really miss him.  I want to do this challenge alone and prove to myself that I can overcome things myself.  I do like my creature comforts, a warm cosy bed, and comfort food.  I beleive a little hardship is good for the soul.

I have chosen to take the opportunity to raise money for charity along the way, and The Royal British Legion are something close to my heart as I have looked after many war veterans during my nursing career, whom I have been shocked to find live in poverty or simply have been forgotten despite the hardships they have faced to help secure our freedom.  This inspired me to read more, and the more I have read about the first and second world wars, the more I feel I have taken life and freedom for granted for so long.  It perhaps seems so far removed from our own lives when we hear about war veterans, or soldiers currently serving who have been wounded or lost their lives, and we sit eating our toast and drinking our coffee in our warm cosy homes, waiting to go to our jobs (if we are lucky enough to have one), and listen with sadness about their deaths or wounding and think to ourselves how sad.  We then get on with our own lives and complain about the choices we are forced to make, where to do our food shopping, what to choose out of the many rubbish tv channels at our fingertips, what to surf on the internet, what gadget will make our lives so much better.  We probably don’t think we can make much of a difference to something that has happened out of our control.

We can, and all I ask is that you make a small donation to the Royal British Legion who do a fantastic job of looking after and supporting soldiers, old and currently serving, and their families to rebuild and maintain their lives.  I can’t express enough how much gratitute I feel I owe to those who were and still are willing to risk their lives by going into the unknown and against the unknown to keep their loved ones and their country safe and free.  I owe my freedom to their bravery and endurance.

Thankyou for taking the time to read my page, and if you do donate – again – thankyou.


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  1. Hi Terry,

    Thanks for your support, and it was nice to meet you briefly on Blackshaw Head – I am gutted that my walk ended so early, especially as so many people have sponsored me – including yourself and thank you for that – but I am getting so much support, and I am looking forward to setting off again tomorrow from Hebden Bridge. i can tell you if it wasn’t for my sense of humour, I am not sure where I would be!!! It was of course meeting people like yourself that also kept me motivated! Thanks again for your support!!
    With kind regards,


  2. Posted by Terry on June 28, 2011 at 5:03 pm

    Hi Anne, well I’m sorry you didn’t make it but you gave it a good go. If the weather had been kinder and your sack not so heavy I’m sure you’d have got further. No shame attached to realising that things hadn’t gone to plan and much admiration for taking the decision to stop before any long-lasting damage was done. Good luck next time you start out, it sounds a better plan to me and one that’s bound to succeed because you’ll be working to set timescales and distances. Enjoyed reading your notes, you managed to keep your sense of humour intact at least! Cheers, Terry.


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