Attempt part duex

Well hello there.  I know I failed first time round, and having decided feet are feeling ok, I went for a second attempt, but with far more realistic goals.  Just a few days of hiking, and a definite finishing day regardless of where I am.  I made provisions to finish possibly at Horton in Ribblesdale, but accepted if I needed to finish earlier, then so be it.  It would be totally feet dependent!  (Can’t get very far without them).

So with Bernie packed, and train tickets purchased, I caught train back to Hebden Bridge, and then the local bus service to a rendevous point at a known public house in Heptenstall – the Cross Inn.  Here I would meet with parents to enjoy a celebratory meal – well it was the day of the big 40!  I have to say, it is the first time I have done a three point turn in a bus, and hats off to the drivers, they have to negotiate their buses in places where I would really think twice about taking a car!  They must have the patience of a saint, and were very friendly!  Having fed full of roast lamb and beer, and ginger sponge, I was dropped off at the Badger Field Farm where I would spend the night bed and breakfast.  It was really nice, and the views from the garden were spectacular, as they were from my bedroom window.  I had to share the garden bench with the farm’s barn cat, who apparently, was extremely friendly for a barn cat.  I spent the evening enjoying the views, Studley Pike was across the valley looking splendid in the evening sun.  I declined evening dinner as I was still pretty full from lunch, so sat it in the wonderful little lounge, reading a book on the pennine way.

I was introduced to another house guest, Ross, who was also on an ambitious trek – a wee bit more ambitious than mine.  Although staying at Bed and Breakfast thoughout the 3 month trip, he was hiking from Lands End to John o Groats.  He had taken a 3 month sebatical from work, with a rest day every 7 days, his wife arranging his night stays a couple of days in advance.    Well done to him!  I found it reassuring to find that he had also struggled with navigation on Bleaklow head, and was humbled to think that as the Pennine Way required 9 Explorer maps, his expedition required 52 explorer maps!  Good luck to him anyway, and what an awesome thing to do!  It was really nice talking to him and we wished each other luck following our lovely breakfast.  I collected my packed lunch which had been kindly prepared for me, told Bernie to behave and off we set.


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