I am so excited, I haven’t told Bernie yet!!!!!

With the help of Mr Bean and his impeccable memory, I am getting things together to pack Bernie with.  He (Bernie) has fallen asleep in the corner of the room and is blissfully unaware of his imminent trip – I have sworn the boots to secrecy as they were informed when they got new insoles put in them!!

I have bought my evening meals for Friday and Saturday ( beef meatballs in herbs, and beef in black velvet porter, with the obligatory small can of beans for brekkie!  I am looking forward to my birthday pint of Ram Tam and birthday lamb shank at the Cross Inn in Heptonstall – (ever get the feeling I have been there before??).  My feet will be getting their daily pampering as I promised them in return for a hassle free walk.

The trouble is, Deej knows something is happening as he is stuck to me like velcro and I keep tripping over him.  I guess he thinks he is off on a camping expedition himself!  Erm – nope.  I do intend to get a good night’s sleep each and every night.  I have promised Mr Bean that I will have a wee dram of my whisky, which I carried all the way last time but never actually touched!  Tut tut.

Anyway, busy person, lots to do, need to be ready with Bernie packed at lunchtime ready for inspection by General Bean

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