All booked then!

Right, B%B booked at both ends, train tickets purchased. Just need to get Bernie sorted cos come Thursday, we are recommencing our adventure. Discussed the prospect with my feet this morning, who have now had ample time to get themselves better. Put new insoles in boots and took mutley for a bit of a longer walk than he’s used to – it certainly wasn’t to the 2nd bridge on the railway line and back! Nope, bribed with the prospect of a sausage on the sea front, we had a wee walk round the front and up the southside of the castle, meandering at a leisurely pace, taking in the lovely views. Deej enjoyed his mince around the castle but was glad to be home. I felt the need to continue walking, and with that thought in mind, decided it was time! Having got the consent of my feet, time was spent today planning and phoning and booking.
Now is all done, and Mr Bean need not worry as back up plans are also in place, so no rescue missions should be required. I won’t be spending my birthday where I originally planned, but in an equally nice location – Hebden Bridge in a lovely B&B after a meal at an equally lovely pub!
Til later!


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  1. Hi Doreen and Allan,
    Thanks for your support, sorry I haven’t been in touch but I guess I have been feeling a little sensitive about having to quit. I am really looking forward to getting back on the paths again as I miss them so much, and have given my feet a thorough talking to so hopefully they will behave. The shorter walking days should hopefully help, and if it stays like this – perhaps a bit cooler, then I will be well chuffed, and the forecast is good!!
    Speak to you when there is more mileage under my belt!


  2. Posted by Doreen Jaques on June 28, 2011 at 7:03 pm

    Go for it Anne! Will be watching your progress all the way. Hope the weather is kinder to you this time. Keep Calm and Carry On!


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