Walking a wee bit of may way back to dignity

There are no words to describe my utter disappointment and heartbreak at having to abandon the walk early. Or to describe the hurt caused by someone who said I should face the fact I will never do it as I am not fit enough and just forget about it now. Well, I may have underestimated the challenge ahead, and yep, I will admit i bit off more than I could chew. However, if everyone were to take a ‘realist’ stance of everything, then the world would still be flat, so many parts of our planet would be undiscovered, and we would all be hidden away in our homes, fearing what was out there. Sometimes you have to take a gamble and try something, and whilst you might not always succeed, then there is nothing stopping you amending your plans and trying again. Major industrial revolutions were invented through trial and error, and mistakes being made. I know I challenged myself as there were definately times I wanted to be anywhere but where I was, but then i was glad I concquered and carried on when I could.

I hope the person who thinks I should face facts and realise that in reality, I will never get any further on the walk, will think again, and realise the negative effects of those words. I may not have achieved all I set out to do on the walk, but one important thing I did do was to raise awareness of the plight of our service men and women, and help people to remember where their freedom was derived. That has got to be viewed as a massive success hasn’t it!

Regardless of what this person thinks, I will be going back to where I left off, and I will tackle more of the walk. I do not intend to complete the rest of the walk in one go – I have neither the time or the funds, and clearly not the stamina. However, I can manage less mileage each day (an average of 16 miles per day is pretty good going in bad weather carrying a large pack) – I will have a maximum of 11 miles in any one day, mainly to ensure that my feet are able to cope given they have just been recovering from bad blisters. I have bought new sole inserts which will help prevent the same problem occuring, and will be savagely streamlining my pack, being very choosy about what goes in. I also learned how lack of sleep had a very drastic effect on my energy levels, and general morale. Not only did it mean it was extremely hard to get myself out of bed the following morning, but meant I tried to make time up by not stopping for proper meal breaks. For this reason, my walking day will be shorter, and I will ensure large meals are taking on an evening, but light snacks at lunchtime (better than no lunch which is what happened before). I have ensured a couple of stays in B&B to enable me to guarantee at least a couple of good nights sleep, with good breakfast. Finally, I have got a finishing date with an option to finish early if I wish. I will try to eradicate the time factor, and if I reach a destination far earlier than anticipated, then so what? I take full advantage of this to ensure my feet are ok and have time to recuperate.

Sorry to have failed and been over-optimistic before, but I had to try, and I believe I did that in an admirable fashion. If this seems farsicle to some people, then tough! I am very proud of what I HAVE achieved, and look forward to getting back out th

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