What a failure

Saturday started off so well. I was so optimistic. The campsite (once we found it) was ok, truthfully a bit pricey for the facilities but it served its purpose. There was no point looking for dry spots, everywhere was sodden. We found the flattest spot and fastened the buffoon to the fence. Tent up and organised, curry for tea, yes buffoon licked curry pot out and had it around his face and in his ears. We tried settling down for the night and the jostling for space began! Despite a bigger spaced tent the dog still managed to push us both aside, hence we slept awkwardly and in a draft -the tent was useless. Him upstairs turned the power shower on during the night cos it had rained in and some of Ians clothes were wet! I took rubbish out, helped put tent in heap in car, got my water for Bernie and all was well. Drove to start point and reached into glove box to get purse, and ouch, something in my back went no! I could not straighten up and was in a lot of pain. So many emotions were running through my brain just confounded the situation, how could this happen???? I struggled out of the car and with ians help, put Bernie on. Yes i know, looking back now, this was stupidly foolish and hair brained, but i had to try! I walked a few steps then was stopped by excruciating pain, a few more and pain again. Clearly i was not starting the pennine way today (b*****d back is all i could say!) After much deliberating in the car, it was decided to find b&b for the night, rest up with lots of painkillers and hpefully try again in the morning. That was a challenge in itself as we had to get where there was a signal. A local b&b in Edale advertised that muddy boots and dogs were welcome. Yep they had a room but did not allow dogs to stay. So much for the sign!!! Tried another place in Edale to find yes they took dogs but were full. Now we were just driving aimlessly and calling at any place we saw to ask. One dodgy looking place had room AND took dogs, but wanted to charge £105 for one night, but if we booked for two it would be £80 for both nights???? No wonder they had rooms. Eventually we found a room in Ramblers Rest in Castleton, where a lovely Clair asked only £75, and offered us coffee and cake whilst our room was prepared. Hearing about our blighted plans and my predicament, she even gave me some of her own painkillers! What a star, and lovely place to stay with an adorable room – we both wished we could stay longer!!!! After a lot of rest, drugs and sleep, Monday morning i could not only walk ok, but could manage and carry Bernie by myself – i was exstatic!!! That and a really nice breakfast prepared me for my adventure!   20110624-074250.jpg

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