Monday and start no 2

Ok i was so excited, the sun was shining and it was warm. Bid farewell to Clair and set off for Edale. Unpacked Bernie and all my gubbins, readied myself and posed for necessary photo before bidding tearful farewell to Ian and Deej. Thats it, the trek had begun and what a fine day.
I meandered through fields of sheep and managed to sneak past some cows (the only thing i was truly fearing on the walk). Passed through the campsite we stayed at earlier, and was passed be a young bloke with pack on, who was also doing the pennine way. He marched on, i went at the speed i was comfortable with. Arrived at Jacobs Ladder where a stream was crossed on an age old bridge, it was so quaint and pretty. Time for some jelly beans and application of sun cream – it was so hot!!!
The climb up to kinder scout was unforgiving and hard, but i did it. Yep i stopped several times on the way up to take in the immense views. The only thing spoiling it was the relentless noise of aircraft as they rose out of whichever airport the had taken off from.
Kinder Scout Plateau was like a moonscape, totally bizarre and amazing. The view from the edge was equally astounding. The path here was pretty tricky, dodging boulders and climbing over them, plus the path became a bit indistinct among the rocks but it was easy to see where i was headed. Walkers coming the other way warned of bandit sheep at Kinder Downfall, bleating stand and deliver. Ha, i was not going to succumb to their mobbish behaviour.
Sure enough, on reaching the very underwhelming waterfall, i was approached on all sides by the brazen balls of wool who all had very menacing looks. I waved a pole at them and told them i had no worthy loot and the let me by! Other walkers were not so lucky, having to pay the going rate of a sandwich to get by, jelly beans are not considered legal tender on Kinder!
Round to the far end of the ridge, and stop for a break and wc needs. With sadness i left Kinder Scout and trudged on to Mill Hill with a very steep and tricky descent (so glad i wasn’t going up!!). The path was over endless moorland and bogs, thankfully old millstone slabs made the going easy, but a bit laborious at the same time as it just seemed to go on and on and on!!
Eventually path came out onto a major trunk road, and a very friendly looking sign said Bleaklow Head 2.5 miles. Sets off up the paved path which very quicly detriorated into rock strewn peaty boggy stream, flanked at both sides by endless mounds of peat jelly!!! Lovely!!! As i could not see over the mounds, navigation became a bit tricky, especially as the gully twisted and wound itself forward, joined by lots of similar looking gulleys! There was lots of bog wading, making the going a bit slow. The monotony was broken when I met a man coming the other way who was interested to know my destination and why such a big pack.  I told him what I was doing, and he offered a donation of coins, but decided against it as it would weigh me further.  Instead I gave him details of my website, and he has since given a very kind donation.  Many thanks to you kind sir!  I continued plodding onwards and confirmed my position when i saw the Wain Stones (Kissing Stones) and waved an unenthusiastc hand to acknowledge there presence, but thats it! Things went downhill from there. The path was very tricky to determin, but having no visible landmarks, the position of the sun told me i was in the right direcyon, but the gulleys twisted and wound so much that i lost my bearing completely. Out came the sat nav which confirmed tjat i had gone in a huge circle, lots of time and energy wasted! It was starting to get late when i joined the path again (7pm) and i could not get a signal to reasure Ian i was ok! Just to add to my misery, Him upstairs put the power shower on, taking me totally by surprise as i had not got waterproofs on (naughty sneaky clouds!). I was so tired and unimpressed at getting lost i just marched on.
The path down off the moor was bad enough being precariously close to a long and very steep descent – good job i was not afraid of heights! The path itself was hazardous in itself being very narroe and strewn with boulders which had to be climbed – no easy task with Bernie clinging on to you! The final steep descent was so ridiculously tricky, hampered by slippery cobbles that i was forced take a painfully slow pace!!! Bythe time i got to the road at the bottom of Torside Reservoir, i was tired and wet, but not cold. It was about 9:30pm and i managed to get a signal to ring Ian and tell him i was ok and to ring the campsite to let them know i was still on my way. After traversing a path at the otherside of the reservoir which went through some gorgeous conifers (i would have enjoyed it more if it had been earlier and i was more awake), i finally trudged through the campsite gate to be met by a fed up warden, clearly unimpressed at having to wait up for me in the rain. He showed me around and kindly made me a coffee, and allowed me use of the office phine (there was no payphone and no signal) – just to let Ian know i was safe. He showed me the drying room except the heater doesnt work (so the point of it is then???). With sopping wet hair, i managed to put the tent up whilst asleep and somehow arrange belongings, get undressed and climb into my sac, looking forward to drifting blissfully asleep being as tired as i was!
No such chance, the campsite was right next to the main Glossop road, which truck drivers clearly thought was a raceway! Every time i started to drift off, i was startled awake by a screaming truck or clattering trailer, and then there were the planes, those darn planes. Despite my exhaustion, i got very little sleep that night.
I managed to wake up after a soothing shower, discovered there was a hair dryer (grrrrr – would have been handy to know about that last night!). Ate chille con carne for breakfast, as yesterday, after the lovely breakfast i had, the only other things eaten were 3 snickers bars and some jelly beans! I know it was not good and did not help my energy levels, but i knew it was a long day and i had to push on!
Tent wearily packed away i prepared to trudge again!



End of day one.










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