This time next week…..

Well i have less than 6 days before i set off. Today was my last day off before my holiday and it does now seem a little daunting. I have had the chance to see what some of the money i have raised goes towards. yesterday, i spent the afternoon at a garden party at Alderson House in Bridlington. It is a hotel, run by the British Legion to provide Poppy Breaks to veterans and their dependents. It is a wonderful place and the people truly are very kind. It is awe inspiring to think the Legion have been in existence for 90 years! i know they provide so much more four our ex-service personnel, counselling, health an rehabilitation care, help finding jobs – the list goes on.
It all makes me feel more determined and take on whatever is thrown at me, cos in the reality of it all, nothing i face can possibly be anywhere near as terrible as the conditions have, and still do face.
That in mind, the Bean and i have gone through the entire route and finalised all the places i can stock up with food so Ian knows i will be ok! I now just need to get there and set off! I guess this week will soon go by!
Have to go now. Night night! Xxx


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