Not long now!

Have managed to do the radio thing, which went ok I think. Bit daunting to speak to a presenter when a huge microphone is inches from your face!
Anyway, not long now. Enjoyed an alfresco evening meal on Thursday in Springhill Meadows, cooked chicken passanda (Ian was really proud of his rice which he managed to boil perfectly). Managed to remember all my indgredients, a shame I forgot a knife to chop the onion and tomato, – even worse, left my pen knife at home in my camera case – that will help me on my walk won’t it!!!! Discovered that the spork was very suprisingly effective at cutting raw onion! Happy days. My plum wine was significantly improved drinking it from my tin cup – that about sets the level! Still, it was a really nice evening and me and Bernie were at one with each other on our walk here – as far as the Mere – had to be picked up by the bean as setting off a lot later than anticipated due to some very late arriving customers meant I was a wee bit pushed for time. Shame really, I really got into the zone and was marching at a good pace, I could have carried on and on and on – chance for that in a wee while I guess! At least I am getting used to Bernies weight, and have got the straps adjusted right so it is comfortable! Just need the sun to shine and the wind to be a slight breeze!
Have to go now – Mum and Dad have arrived!!!!


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  1. Posted by Alan Pearson on June 6, 2011 at 8:03 am

    Well done Anne. I was in England last week, but occupied with work in Pip´s house and mine. I will keep watching and good luck with the walk. I will contact you again soon.
    Love, Al.


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