Another wee camping trip.

This might be the fourth time lucky, my pc downstairs is only pretending to work – it likes to make me believe it does everything i ask- well shhhhh, don’t tell it i know about its trickery, i am in cahoots with the iphone which has promised me it will co-operate (i was holding it over the toilet at the time!
Anyway return to reality Anne and tell your story a FOURTH time, just dont hold a grudge against the desktop is all i ask!
The weekend was enjoyed with a family camping trip. Nowhere too exciting, in fact very close to home but lovely all the same. Our wee adventure started after work at 2pm, when we collected Deej, Bernie and Bolly (who has become Bernies new friend and Ians new walking partner!). A short walk up to Olivers Mount, showing Ian the nice overgrown paths i had discovered. At the monument, we shared a nutricious tin of ravioli whilst admiring the view – and thwarting the attempts of Darth Deej of staring his way to some food. Ian was shown the other overgrown path along the top of the mount before dropping down to the railway and down to the Mere. At this point the water boy earnt time out on the lead for disobedience and generally being a twat. Ian called at a local grocers to buy some more water for the dog (apparently he finds this more palatable, next to muddy stinky water which is his preferred beverage) and Ian soon regretted his choice of big value bottle when he discovered it would not fit into Bolly. Never mind, he carried it all the way up his steep hill up to Jacobs Mount. The packs were chucked over the gates to Irton Moor before we finally reached the beginning of Raincliffe. At this point, Deej knew what we were doing, and feeling tired kept stopping at what he considered to be good places and scowled when we told him to keep going.
Finally we found a lovely sheltered spot, and having learnt from previous experience, tied mut to a tree before doing anything else. We tried to disturb as little as possible, but moved any obvious causes of discomfort like sticks etc. Shame i missed the bloody big stick i later dicovered was hidden under my half of the tent – i think it was cunningly disguised as a stick or something!
Once tent was up and sleeping bags in, we blissfully enjoyed the sight of order and neatness, before unleashing the volcano that was building by the tree we had tied it to. Soon, our tent was filled with woodland
Apart from the stealth stick, i had a good night. Ian jostled and negotiated with deej for space and then gave in. Oswald did not disturb us, although he sent his friends to divebomb my tent – grrrrr. We managed to sleep until 8 am, and shared all in one tinned brakfast. Darth Deej’s powers were growing stronger as we let him lick the pan – he was wearing most of it. Everything was put away efficiently, and the full of beans idiot was in no mood for a slow gentle meander. We managed to beat the big bad clouds home, where Ian’s legs protested so much that he started to walk as is he had spent the last six months in the saddle of a very big horse!
He did say he had enjoyed it though!


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