Blinking Memorymap!

Sorry to moan folks, but I feel I have to vent off some steam.  I am no computer wizard, but I can generally get by with most things computer related!  Reason I got an iphone, cos it is the only smartphone that is compatable with memory map, which I already have loaded onto my desktop.

Got iphone – woopee – big expense but it will be worth it right?

Got FREE memory map app for iphone – whooopeeee – just need the pennine way maps right?

Can’t upload current maps from desktop onto FREE version of memorymap app – bummer.

Purchased £20 – yep you read that right – £20 memory map app so i can now get my iphone to talk to the desktop pc.

Found Pennine Way memory map cd on interweb for £88 – yep you did read that right – £88!  Load CD onto desktop, doesn’t ask me to register the serial number but not worried cos I can access the information i need.

sync the iphone with pc as described in instructions.

Look for pennine way on iphone – not there!

Find area where trail is and then try to activate the area as instructions says – asks me to input registration details, which I get directly off the cd case.  Oops – the information you have entered has been automatically upgraded to our new liscence key system – please enter new lisence key!!!

What the?????? How the chuff am I supposed to know the NEW lisence key when there is no place in the entirity of the dam programme that tells me what the new key is, or indeed that it has been replaced!!!!!

End result, if i can’t get a sensible answer out of a memorymap advisor tomorrow when I ring – and I can only do this between 10 am and 2pm Monday to Friday, someone is gonna have to repay me for the rather expensive outlay I paid to get a product that doesn’t do what it says it should!

Ever get the impression someone is really pissed off???? Well at just shelling out £108 for something that won’t work, yep, that is just how I am feeling!

Thanks for listening!



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