Camping trip camping trip – woohoo

Having debated and debated, decided to bring Deej along on the wee little trip.  Meant carrying extra water and food, but ok.  The Bean dropped us at Crosscliffe and off we set.  It didn’t take the little monster to grasp what a jet boil was for, or what came after mum had eaten her contents.  Blessed with absolutely gorgeous weather, it was blissful meandering through the trees.  Everything was very dry, and bog monster wasn’t having much luck finding any bogs, in fact, I don’t think he found any!  Got to late afternoon and reached my goal.  Found where I wanted to camp but finding a suitable flat spot was proving very tricky – the view was gorgeous though.  Eventually found a flattish hump which the tent just about fitted on, and after hoisting the dog off the canvas long enough to get the poles in and up, home for the night was ready.  Time to meander back to the track where I could usually get a signal just to let Mr Bean know all was well, but signal  proved tricky to find.  Ended up having to stand on a tree stump and  hold phone up high to get signal, but managed enough conversation to put his mind at rest.

That done, we returned to our kitchen to prepare supper, and Deej really thought I would be sharing my spicy meatballs with him!  It was a bit tricky trying to clean the remainder of the pasta which had welded itself to the bottom of the jetboil – mental note, by pasta soup instead then can make it in the cup!  Him had his fishy pouch, and then we sat and enjoyed the view for a couple of hours, soaking in the last of the warmth of the sun.  Time to make bed ready, succesfully laid roll mat out, but as soon as sleeping bag spread out, the Deej laid in middle of it!  Little git was made to move, but slid to the side almost knocking tent over.  The jostling for space went on for an hour or so, until finally, he found himself a reasonably comfortable spot sprawled in front of the tent door with his head in one of the side pockets!  Yep, I didn’t know my tent came with a dog head holder!  Finally drifted off to sleep to the sound of birdsong and dog snore, only to wake up with light coming in the tent, so investigating the time, found it to be 7:30 – IN THE EVENING!  My god, what time did we go to bed, in for a long night I guess!  Yep, I awoke a few times to find my face pushed into the side of the tent with the dog sprawled out in the middle – grrrrrr.  He finally got the message, the mat was MINE!

5:30am and I kicked him out of the tent to go enjoy himself, and he laid just outside the door, quietly surveying his view!  It was brilliant!  I fell back to sleep only to be woken by the crunching sound of him eating sticks!  Really, what do you have to do to get some peace!  Deciding it was time to get up, made and ate breakfast whilst being stared at all the time, then came to pack the tent away.  Rolled my mat up and chucked it out of the tent so I had more room to put sleeping bag away, only to hear tear tear tear.  Looked round and to my horror, the little b*****d is EATING my mat!  Confiscated mat and bopped him on the head with it, then managed to put sleeping bag away, and the tent canvas away after removing dog from it!  Then off we go again.

It was pretty hot again, and after making our way to where I knew there would be a stream – BIG MISTAKE – I spent the next 3 hours persuading silly mut to come out of the water, and then going back down hills to fetch him again after his water magnet got the better of him again, and again and again.  I had to remind him several times of his age, but no matter, he still buffooned about.  At lunch time, the heat had really got to him, and his spring had sprung off somewhere else, he plodded labouriously.  Clearly, the Hayburn Wyke was going to be way out of reach.   Off up Reasty bank we went to phone Daddy, who came only after Deej had tried to beg for food off some poor people trying to have a picnic.  Amazing when his legs will suddenly come back to life!

Photos to follow once phone charged up!


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  1. Hi Michelle, a big huge whopping thank you for your very kind donation! It is really appreciated. Thanks also for reading my blog – I try to make it as entertaining as possible, and with Deej helping me it really isn’t all that hard! Really enjoyed my weekend with him. We took Ian camping to the Hayburn Wyke Sat night where we tried out an old tent which we hadn’t had chance to use for a very long time as it had been lent out = sadly it was condemned as it leaked. Amazingly, Deej was the only one out of the three of us to manage to sleep through the most horrendous thunderstorm I’ve experienced for a while, which showed us how leaky our tent was!
    Good to hear from you, and thanks again for your donation!


  2. Posted by Michelle Lark on April 24, 2011 at 3:30 pm

    Rock on Anne, did you have room for a chocolate Easter egg? I loved reading your blog, having camped with two dogs for most of our time here in Canada, I sympathize but they make great bed warmers!


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