Bernie is very excited!

It seems I have been neglecting Bernie for a while (on Mr Bean’s instructions).    Well I have been dusting him off, and he is almost packed ready for tomorrows small adventure.  He is not really going all that far but it will be good to try him out and my tent’s first proper outing!  Hayburn Wyke, here we come!  Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Of course, Mr Bean and the Deej will be me meeting me there as Mr No-legs can’t really walk for more than 5 miles, although being an ingenious fraudster, it is difficult to tell when he is pulling the wool over our eyes or whether his legs really don’t work!

Sadly, I can’t take my nice bottle of red wine with me so am having to drink it now!  Hope I remember to take the choccy bar that I treated myself to – and before you get all judgemental over the fact I will not be sharing it with Mr Bean, he has TWO packs of mini battenburg cakes which he has already started to scoff, so there!

Ok, will have to go now cos I am starting to feel really sleepy and after a challenging day, I can hear my bed calling me!




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