New Pic

Well, although the training thing has eased off slightly for this weekend, (will start with a vengeance next week).

I took Deej up to Springhill meadow for a tent putting up session and photo session.  The morning was lovely and warm, and it only took me minutes to put up the tent – the photographing however took a bit longer, especially how to operate the timer on the camera.  I was getting a few odd looks from folks, but never mind.  Deej managed to get into every shot – I suppose he thought I was running for something exciting every time I pressed the camera shutter.

However, when Mr Bean examined the photgraph later, the tent wasn’t really put up to his satisfaction.  So, we went up again, and he stood and watched whilst I put up the tent, again, in a matter of minutes.  I allowed his couple of ‘observations’ in his supervisory role, but of course, you have to look as if you are listening!  He took the photos of me, and I have to say they are an improvement on the morning’s efforts.  At least it was an achievement in contrast to the afternoon which I spent successfully killing the laptop which will no longer power up!  Ooops!  Well it is ancient – we have had it for an eternity!  It still may power up after it has had chance to cool down!

On the advice of a work colleague, I have now managed to set up a Facebook page for my walk – hopefully not another thing for me to stress about remembering how to log on to!  If it helps spread the word and get more sponsors for me, then all is well and good!

Looking forward to next weekend, Ian will be dropping me off at Crosscliffe on Friday, and i will be meeting him at the Hayburn Wyke on Saturday, allowing me to make my own way there, with tent and all!  Woohoo!  He did point out that I should report Friday evening to say I was ok, providing I can get a phone signal, will have to rely on the followme as i suspect getting a phone signal will be a bit tricky!  Have purchased my meals for the adventure, and am really excited!  Needless to say, Mr No-legs will NOT be accompanying me as i will only get 4 miles with him before I have to call his Dad to collect him!

Will have to go now I suppose, have other preps to do!




2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Brendan on April 16, 2011 at 6:45 pm

    Well it looks as though the sheep will have another monster to worry about next weekend then. Hehe. See you soon and enjoy.
    Bren x


  2. Posted by Alan Pearson on April 16, 2011 at 5:57 pm

    Hi Anne,
    I hope it all goes well for you and I will keep tabs on your progress. Go for it!
    Love, Al.


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