Darn those power pants

Ok, I really don’t think the world is quite ready for any kind of image of me in my power pants just yet!  However, the inevitable may just happen at some time – not just yet.  Be patient!

Have been doing pretty well with training, me and Bernie have done a few trips back from work now.  Thursday evening was so nice, we took a detour and walked up through the woods to the top of Olivers Mount, and managed to find the smallest and most overgrown path down from under the monument, to the road at the bottom.  We then passed a field which was absolutely cram packed with daffodils, there could not be room for any more, it was gorgeous!

Saturday, the road was going to be closed at the end, and it being forecast a nice day and all, we both decided to make our own ways to work.  So with Bernie on my back, i set off just before 7am and arrived just before 8am.  I then decided, as it was such a nice day, to walk home via Ayton and Forge Valley – yep now I know what you are thinking, we have been down this road before!

Well, yeah, I know i have.  I got to the first carpark in Forge Valley, and gave Ian a call to see what state the hound was in, I figured, as we were supposed to be going to a party that evening, if I tired him out, he would sleep whilst we were out.  Ian brought the little idiot out to me, together with his muzzle.  Off we trot, with the aim of walking home.  Things were not going too bad really, Deej spent most of the walk with his nose on the ground, trying to slide out of his muzzle.    The day seemed to get warmer and warmer, and i really started to feel tired all of a sudden.

We got past the two big dishes and to the gate into the MOD land – and Bernie was too big to fit through the kissing gate.  Off he came and I managed to throw him over the gate, whilst holding onto a lead with a mut on who had already found his way through the gate!  Hmmmm.  Harder work than first imagined.  We trapsed our way accross the MOD land, and Deej by this time was starting to limp a bit and his stump was no longer showing enthusiasm for his walk, he had given up on his muzzle duties and looked totally bored, tired and fed up.  My feet were starting to sing a little, and my shoulders ached, and the sight of yet another kissing gate which would not allow Me and Bernie through together was the last straw!  I gave in and phoned for Mr Bean.  Learning from the last gate, I threw Bernie over the gate first, then leashed the very tired and fed up dog before dragging him through the gate.

I felt a bit of a cheat and angry with myself for giving up, but then I guess it did not help having the time constraints nagging at me, and having to grapple with a grumpy little mut as well makes things twice as hard.  Thats my excuse anyway – although, all the walking I did that day with Bernie, I did manage 11 miles, which isn’t all that bad really considering there was half a day’s work in there as well!

Mr Bean has made me put Bernie away for a couple of weeks, and I am to train without him!

OK, have to go, early night for early morning.




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