Another Wee Thank You

Well, after putting up a notice in the window at home, it seems there are very many caring folk out there!  I have invited people to sponsor/donate, and have received a fantastic £36 sponsorship from neighbours around me which is truly wonderful.  Most of them think I am really quite mad, but I suppose they would not be far wrong.  Still, nothing ventured – nothing gained!

My thanks again!


On a lighter note, Scarborough had better watch out as I purchased what i can only describe as my ‘power’ pants.   I don’t want to be the one to plant images, but for highlighting every bit of cellulite – they are perfect.  Also got some lovely comfy sandals which weigh nothing and will give my feet much needed respite from the boots.  I have told Ian I will be expecting a lengthy foot massage on completion of my walk.  Yep, he said, it will be very lengthy – he will put as much distance as possible between him and my feet when it happens!  Not very support thought I!   I am getting quite excited now, and can’t wait to do a trial run.  I am getting used to the pack weight, in fact, it doesn’t really bother me know when I come home from work – my colleagues wonder where I am walking to when i set off looking prepared for the arctic – they can laugh, it’s called being prepared for the urban wilderness!  When asked why I should need walking poles for the walk home, I said they would be ideal for moving rubbish aside should I feel the need to clear a space to pitch my tent on my jaunt along the path near the railway, and as I would not be able to cross the railway to get to Seamer Rd and Sainsbury’s – I would need to carry food with me!  I mean, you do need to be prepared!

Ah well, had better go as have a poorly Deej to care for.




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  1. Posted by doreen jaques on April 5, 2011 at 8:17 pm

    hi anne thought there would be a piccy of you in the new ‘power pants’!


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