Mighty Missing Maps Batman!

How could this happen?  I felt so sure I had everything map wise – but nope, there is a tiny wee bit missing.  An important wee bit however as I think it is the bit with High Cup on it, slightly important since I will be spending my BIRTHDAY night there – apparently – possibly.  Still have to get back up memory map for my iphone, but at £100 for the pennine way route, it will have to wait a wee while, and I need to test the battery capabilites, and signal abilities of the thing before I splash out.  The GPS tracking bit seems to work ok, and now that I will be getting going with the walking again – (despite dodgy fish and chips last night which were the worst EVER) – I will be forwarding log in details for the followme website to close family and friends so they can see where I have walked, and when I am actually on the walk, where I am – hopefully.  Well that is the plan anyway!  (if folks are interested that is!)  I just hope I do get some sunny weather so the power monkey which Ian is going to get me has half a chance of recharging the iphone enough for it to cope with the gps switched on – the reviews are very mixed.  If not, I hope there will be a few fence posts with a socket in along the way cos I won’t be staying on that many campsites, some of which, I think, won’t have many facilities on them.

Off to get the missing map today I think, take the dog up to the forestry I think – although he has an annoying habit of pretending to be asleep when he sees me pack my rucksack – I can’t ever imagine why!  Do need to christen my new boots though which are absolutely fabulous by the way!

have to go I guess, supposed to be having a sleep in!

ttfn xxx


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