All the best intentions!

Was all packed up ready to go, tent, camera and everything.  Ate my microwave macaroni cheese at work before setting off towards the distant lands of East Ayton and Forge Valley.  My mission, to try and pitch my tent and put away again, and film it in a suitable application which I could then post to my blog!

Ha, Mr Bean, being the worried hubby he was, rang me when I was not far from East Ayton wanting to know if I would like a lift home.  I declined.  Telling me it would be dark soon, he then offered to meet me at Forge Valley and give me a lift home from there after doing the tent thing.  Sensing the worry in his voice, I relented (am only walking 270 miles in June!) = sooooooo the arrangement was for us to meet in the CAR PARK at the start of the middle track.  I heard him say bench at the fork of the top path which leads to the carpark, and thought he was using it to describe which car park he meant.

I was not entirely sure which car park he meant, and having lost phone signal, walked up the forge valley road, to be sure he would see me if he got worried as the meet time was 3pm.   I marched on at quite a pace which I found quite hard on tarmac and the pack was pulling back on my shoulders as I realised I had put the tent in the wrong place.  I arrived at the car park at just after 3pm to find the car there EMPTY!  Where was he?

I was faced with three decisions, do I go up towards the bench, do I wait by the car, or do I go up the middle track in search of him.   Knowing how many ‘observations about my not being there’ he was likely to be making, I felt it better to stand and wait by the car, asking anyone who came off any paths if they had seen a lost looking tall thin man with a dopey dog.  No one had.  I was increasingly becoming more like making a few observations myself when eventually, down from the bench path he meandered!  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  It was getting a bit dark, I was tired, my feet were sore and I could feel a blister, I was frustrated, and instead of the meet by the car, he had gone to meet me thinking I would be coming along the top path when i had gone the road route instead.

Result?  Did not get up into the woods, did not pitch my tent, did not get my cup of rocket fuel, and did not walk as far as I thought i would.  We both put the incident down to a break down in communication, we both felt that was the most tactful thing to do.

However, today, I have purchased another more informative guide for the pennine way, and another stuff sac.  I have successfully packed Bernie with 90% of the equipment I will be taking (only missing items were food and toiletries) – and it didn’t feel as bad as i was anticipating, in fact, it felt lighter than yesterday!  Now looking forward to getting some training in!




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