Trial of the tent!

Have asked my best ginger friend for the use of her front garden to try putting up new tent.  (have had it – the tent before any imaginations run wild – partially erected in the front room, but with Mr Bean stubbornly refusing to allow me to put any pegs in the floor, I couldn’t put it up properly.)  Quite excited, but a little concerned about the wind which appears a bit blustery.  yeah yeah yeah, I know, I won’t have much choice out on the walk – but hopefully by then, I will KNOW how to put the thing up, which is supposed to be really easy and quick for one person to put up!  I guess I will just have to get on with it and try.  Yes there will be the photos to follow – NOT doing a video this time, I am sure Mr Bean and the Fergies will have enough entertainment to make up for the absence of a video!

Watch this space……………………………..


UPDATE:    thanks to the Ferguson clan and the use of their garden, tent putting up thing went v. well.  Cool video to follow once edited……Clan Ferguson know what I mean!



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