Annebo’s First Pud

This is for the benefit of Caz and the Techno’s at work!  :).

The space age pud has finally had it’s tasting.  I took it for a wee walk around Langdale End.  Dalby Forest Drive was closed otherwise it would have gone for a walk from Crosscliff instead.  Never mind, Langdale was just as nice.  we only did about 6 miles as somebody slept in, AND, the walk was cut short by some smelly little turd rolling in things it shouldn’t and the stench got too much to have to follow!

It was incredibly muddy, and I am sure Mr Bean is still cleaning mud from inside and outside the car, as well as doing the whole decontamination thing in the boot.  Bernie was not quite as heavy as normal, about 10kg I would guess, but carrying doggy water and food as well as my own, he was heavy enough for now.  Found a beautiful spot to try the jet boil out – had a cup of rocket fuel coffee – much appreciated but only one cup required – Caz gets a bit naggy if I have too much caffiene!

Shared the sandwhiches with the stink, offered it fresh water but it was too clean to drink.  The jet boil only takes a matter of seconds to get to boiling temperature, it is brill, might have to carry a few spare cannisters though as there is approx 1 hours gas in each.  The pud took 7 minutes to get hot enough.  It was ok, very plasticky – but nice enough to eat.  I wonder if I could convince Caz that I also took a few satsumas and some grapes instead of thee jaffa cakes and some haribo!  Sure I can.  Hope you enjoy the videos I uploaded – carried big camera and tripod around for that one!

Deej is absolutely dog tired after his bath, curled up asleep under his blanket – awwwww!



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