Bernie walks home part laiden

Yesterday I had the bright idea to walk home from work, but partly pack Bernie.  Mr Bean showed concern that the weight was a little too much as he went to pick it up but nearly landed on the floor himself (sorry Mr Bean, but you did!).  He insisted on checking the weight, and it was a little over 11 kg.  Not too bad considering it had books, my pink dumbells and a change of clothes – with horror of all horrors – my posh training shoes which Mr Bean is now worried I may wear out as well as my walking boots.  No wonder he has grey patches appearing in random places over his head!

Having got changed, Mr Bean taking great care that I didn’t damage my sleeping bag top as he calls it (RAB jacket which i can’t recommend enough, it is absolutely brilliant) – donned my headphones and hat, and took control of the very enthusiastic mut.

The paths were a bit slippery on the outskirts of Scarborough, and the weight of the pack wasn’t too much of a problem.  I could definately feel the weight through my knees and on the balls of my feet, making me wonder if I should really wear my boots every time I train with the pack on.  I regretted not having any fluids on me – yes it was only a 4 mile walk, but with DJ making a bee-line for the pet shop as he passed, and after he realised he was walking for more than 20 minutes, he then proceeded to go on the hunt for food anywhere in the ditches/bushes/behind walls and behind bins.  I got dragged home.  Thankfully, there were no passing buses for him to try and get on.  I have to say, picking up poo with an 11kg pack on was certainly interesting, and I managed not to overbalance.

It didn’t take me any longer to get home, I think I can confidently say I will manage a bit more weight, but more thoughtfully packed – and ensuring I have enough to drink.  Me and Bernie will be ok I think.



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