The First Pilates of the Year!

The year is starting to progress very fast indeed – not all THAT long to June you know, the nights are already starting to get a little lighter – honest!  To me, the progression is terrifying – the realisation of the getting fit thing has sunk in with all the speed of  and anvil in a swimming pool.

So, thought I, some kind of routine is going to have to ensue here.  I dusted off the pilates DVD, and got the ring thingy out of it’s hidey hole and tried following the instructions the leotard clad lady gave.  I now remember why I hate following these DVD’s – although at least this one is half normal as the group includes normal looking people and not plasticly altered super-fit people that make all the moves look ridiculously easy.  I gave myself 5 out of 10 for effort, knowing that by doing this 3 times a week, I will soon look just the same as they do on the telly!

My body however, after getting over the shock of what I had just put it through, is now reeling with laughter at my ambitions, especially given the additional dog avoiding moves I have to put in which them on telly don’t have to do.  DJ thinks it is really funny to join mum on her mat, so everytime my legs are in the air doing some ridiculous maneovre, he pinches their mat space.

The lovely pink weights came out after that and my arms are secretly planning to go AWOL – but I heard their plans and will be watching them closely.  This morning, I don’t feel so bad, in fact I feel pretty good.  DJ is blissfully unaware that he will be walking home from work with me this evening – and he will NOT be allowed to make a stop at the pet store on the way past for goodies, and will NOT be allowed to catch the nearest passing bus as he has habit of trying to do.  Nope, he WILL walk, then hopefully sleep when we get home, as I will do.  I will be packing some weight in Bernie so I can start accustoming myself to his weight when walking, and no, there will be no room for DJ’s in there!

Will have to go to work soon, start at 9am and leaves me a little time to do a bit of surfing.




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  1. Posted by Ian Hunter on January 18, 2011 at 11:10 am

    Bernie ?????


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