Hello world!

Hello folks.  This has only taken me 2 hours to set up and linked to my fundraising site, so I hope I can remember all I need to remember!

The aim of this site is so I can share all my stories associated with training for, and carrying out my charity walk.  I do like walking, and usually take my 11 yr old spaniel DJ with me, but he is too old to go on the actual walk with me, and will only be able to manage some of the training walks which I will be doing.  He has learned to recognise that when I pack a rucksack, and put boots and gaitors on etc, I mean business, and he is in for a long treck.  Does not stop him from acting like a buffoon though.

My treck starts on 19th June 2011.  That means that I have exactly 6 months to get fit and lose the weight I need to lose.  Yes I am a little fatty!  In order to compensate for the pack weight I will be carrying (between 15 and 20kg), I need to lose approx 10th of my weight, which is not very easy when you are a food addict like myself.  It is tough, but I have managed to lose 1 stone already, and need to lose another stone at least.  I need to condition my knees – poor things, I haven’t told them yet what they are in for and probably won’t until the day we set off!

I have managed to collect most of my equipment, but haven’t tried putting my tent up yet – when i do, there will be pictures!  Also have a ‘space meal’ to try out, which is a chocolate pudding with chocolate sauce – a boil in the bag thing which I need to try cooking on my new stove.

Will have to go now.  It’s Sunday, it isn’t raining and DJ is looking decidedly fed up as he hasn’t been for his walk yet.

TTFN pple.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Technical issue now resolved, have learnt what I am supposed to do!


  2. Posted by Doreen Jaques on January 17, 2011 at 8:35 pm

    Hi Anne. Buckets of Luck for your expedition! Hope the sun shines and the cool breezes blow for you. Will be following your blog and counting the days with you.
    Chocolate pudding and chocolate sauce? Hmmmm!
    Best wishes


    • Hi Doreen,
      Thanks for your comment. I will try to make my posts as entertaining as possible, but I can’t be held responsible for any adverse comments my fingers might put as they are teaming up with my arms at the moment who are threatening mutiny – they claim I am trying to put them under unreasonable pressure and unfair working practices with the workout I am giving them!
      Seriously, thanks for your support!


      • Sorry Doreen, in replying to your comment, yours seems to have disappeared completely. Please bear with me whilst I try to attend to these technical issues, which may not happen until this evening after I have walked the Deej home!


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